microGradiparete opalescente


Halogen floor, wall, ceiling and desk lamps for interiors. Consisting of a cylinder made of highly heat-resistant glass treated with special enamels, the lighting body takes care of the various different functions of reflector, antiglare shade and bulb protection in one piece. A wide variety of layouts can be achieved by orienting the reflector itself through 360°. No tools are needed to replace the bulbs.
Materials Steel, zama, borosilicate glass
Emissions Indirect and diffused light
Light source
Halogen energy saver
R7s HDG74,9
80W  230V
1.520 lm
Design Franco Bettonica, Mario Melocchi, 1994

Brochure Technical sheet How to install Energy Label
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Shiny chrome<br />
cod 521<br /> Satin nickel-plated<br />
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