Manhattanhenge per homepage + MANHATTANHENGE NEW 2020 - A freestanding luminaire for indoor installations for diffused light. ognidove homepage 1024x576 1 + OGNIDOVE NEW 2020 - Wireless atmospheric lighting whit a touch dimmer, intended for indoor or outdoor use, for table and floor. Roma per homepage + ROMA NEW 2020 - Efficient indoor wall lamp for indirect and diffused light. freccia prod dx prev

Cini&Nils Designing lamps since 1969

Light enriches our lives, reveals the shapes and colours that surround us, evokes emotions and sensations. For fifty years we have been designing indoor and outdoor design lamps, passionately seeking for the right lighting.
Our led lamps are the expression of a innovative proposal, sustainable and interconnected to the most common smart devices. In the shapes and materials of each collection you can find our story, our experimentation, the unique concept of the designer and all the quality of Made in Italy.


Decorative lamps with a wealth of performance and technical content.


A creative experimentation between art and light. It proposes designs in collaboration with artists who brought their knowledge into the design world.


Technical lamps with a wealth of aesthetic content and technological innovation for the cables-mounted system Tenso but not only.


A photography project where individuals coming from all the different sectors of the creative disciplines revealed, in black and white shots, their relationships with Cuboluce, a timeless and veritable masterpiece lamp.

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Cini&Nils for Covid-19 emergency

SPECIAL EDITION 2020 – The iconic Cuboluce becomes a vehicle of a message of hope and rebirth that results in a concrete action. 30% of the sale price of this special edition 2020 will be donated to charity to the funds allocated for the Covid-19 emergency.