Ognidove tavolo nero

Ognidove tavolo is a tabletop lamp that can be customised by combining three elements: the lighting body, the vase and the base. The lighting body with a touch dimmer, intended for indoor or outdoor use, has a maximum 70 hours and a minimum 7 hours independent functioning battery. It is available in three finishes, gold, silver and black, and is fitted with magnets to enable you to position it on the base on any ferrous surface.

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MaterialsDiffuser in methacrylate, structure in aluminum and technopolymers
EmissionDiffused light
SourcesLed 2W / 2.700K / 260 lm / CRI90
RangeMin. 7h
Charging timeMax 4h
touch dimmer touch dimmer
Design Luta Bettonica, Giancarlo Leone 2020

1300 Black

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