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We took part in the 2021 edition of Love Design®, an event organized by Fondazione AIRC - Comitato Lombardia in collaboration with ADI.

Design loves research

The tenth appointment of Love Design®, a biennial initiative promoted by Comitato Lombardia di Fondazione Airc for Cancer Research together with Adi, Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, which involves the world of furnishings in support of cancer research, is back in a new digital edition.

The appointment for the first time wasn’t limited to the city of Milan, becoming a national event.

For the occasion, the website lovedesign.airc.it was transformed into a showcase with over 5 thousand design and fashion objects for sale. Thanks to those objects, donors were able to concretely contribute to the funding of three three-year scholarships for young researchers, each worth 75 thousand euros.

The 2021 edition has also proposed the Love Design Lottery that raised an additional 50 thousand euros for research.

Our support repeats itself over time

Once again this year, Cini&Nils is among the best design brands, expressing quality and Made in Italy, who have offered a selection of their objects to give as gifts and treat themselves.

Four are the products made available to the public through the platform lovedesign.airc.it: the iconic Cuboluce table lamp in various finishes and colors, the Convivio hanging lamp, the Cornici floor lamp and the Cubismo wall lamp.

A selection of products from the company’s collections that can still be purchased directly from the portal where the public is free to decide the actual value of their contribution from the minimum prices imposed.

prodotti per love design, cuboluce, convivio e cubismo

Our lamps for research

Among the catalog lamps donated for LoveDesign® is the Cuboluce classic designed by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi in 1972 and still today a symbolic object of the company. Developed in different technologies (led and wireless), in different finishes and colors, it is ideal for reading in bed because it emits a concentrated beam of light that can be oriented by means of the cover/reflector. The colors available to the public at LoveDesign® are fluorescent yellow, purple, fluorescent green and mirror silver.

The Convivio hanging lamp, by designers Mario Melocchi and Luta Bettonica, ideal for interiors, is a small sphere from which a homogeneous cone of light emerges, creating a personal and intimate world, dimmable by traditional and Casambi controls. It is available in LED version with transparent lens and halogen with satin lens.

The last two lamps made available to the public are very scenic:
Cubismo is characterized by two three-dimensional cube elements in painted aluminum that form a geometry that, once hit by light, acquires multiple shades of light and dark, Cornici is a lamp in floor and wall versions, characterized by a backlit disc that generates a soft and atmospheric light.

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