For its expressive and architectural qualities, FormaLa has been invited to participate in the Lightopia exhibition, opened in the Vitra Design Museum.

The exhibition at Vitra Design Museum

From the invention of the incandescent light bulb in the late 19thcentury, artificial lighting design has been one of the most fascinating challenges for designers, artists and architects. With Lightopia, Vitra Desing Museum dedicates the first complete exhibition to the evolution of the role of the light in design. The travelling exhibition, curated by Jolanthe Kugler, collects about 300 work of art, among the others there are Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Achille Castiglioni, Gino Sarfatti and Ingo Maurer.
Some items outline the “stunning” power of the light, such as the well-known “Light space modulator” by László Moholy-Nogy or the spectacular rebuilding of a 1968 discotheque, built totally in translucent Perspex.
However, the primary focus of the exhibition is on works by contemporary designers and artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Troika, Chris Fraser, Front Design, Joris Laarman, realities:united and mischer’traxler, who demonstrate new possibilities for designing with light.

The dialogue between the displayed works creates an impressive panorama of lighting design in Lightopia – from the beginnings of industrial society to visionary concepts that will have a profound impact on our future, where light will be more and more often an integral part of fabrics or facades, becoming a space creative power.

Among the exposed works of art there are many interactive installations that can be used by the visitors so they can experience directly the archaic power of the light.
The exhibition, after its inauguration from 28th September 2013 to 16th April 2014 at Vitra Design Museum, will travel across some of the most important international places, symbols of design.

FormaLa participates in the Lightopia exhibition

In this important international context Cini&Nils was also invited with FormaLa, designed by Luta Bettonica, president and artistic director. FormaLa represents best the best the concept of “Light as creative power of space”: it is a strip of light on a harmonic steel support, mouldable in multiple layouts. Curve lines, symmetrical and non-symmetrical, open or close, both on wall and ceiling with direct and indirect light, it can be dimmed using traditional controls or voice commands. Available in four sizes, two colours, with an integrated or remote power supply and with a diffuser made by a thin polycarbonate opalescent silver silkscreened around the led to soften the light.

An important recognition for Cini&Nils that rewards its looking-forward attitude and confirms the appreciation for the Italian quality design all over the world.


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