Intervista a Christiane Beer


The artist Christiane Beer signs the lamp Klang* | Suono, part of Cini&Nils’ Cult collection.

Cult Collection and the partnership with Christiane Beer

The Cult collection is the result of Luta Bettonica‘s idea to develop designs with a variety of different creatives, in an experience of experimenting creativity with art and light. The collection’s name derives from an abbreviation of the word CULTure, symbol of a research that is constantly evolving. The artist has been invited to work on a free interpretation of light, using both unusual materials and technologies. The project brings back both artists and spectators to the times of craft methods, where the importance was to create unique pieces. Creative experimentation meets with technology in the lighting field.
Christiane Beer, whose works are a blend of discipline and poetry expressed in order, proportions and romanticism, has created the Klang | Suono lamp for Cini&Nils: a white concrete sculpture fragmented by light.

“Klang | Suono expresses an affinity to music and refers to the sequence of musical notes and pauses that create harmony. The lamp consists of a series of elements – plates, space, light, and shadow – which together make this composition.”
Christiane Beer

The three white concrete panels represent three notes, two of those overlap on each other creating a composition of light and shadow. Concrete is an unusual material for lamps, but represents the peculiar element of the piece of art. Once the lamp is turned on, the eye perceives different shades of colour, thanks to the position of the panels and the light emitted from them. Once turned off, the lamp becomes a white monochromatic art of work.
Klang | Suono is a LED wall lamp with a dimmer. It comes complete with a casket containing a certificate guaranteeing its authenticity and an inspiration watercolour from the artist’s own hand.

*item no longer in production

Biography of Christiane Beer

Christiane Beer (Plauen, Germany, 1965) is an artist and sculptress who studied sculpture with Giuseppe Spagnulo at the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1993. Her first solo exhibition was in 1994 in the Sophien Edition Gallery in Berlin. Since then she has partnered with several other galleries in Italy and Germany. In 2000 and 2002, several of her sculptures were shown in the Haus der Kunst in Munich, in 2008 she was in the Grafton Building (the Bocconi University’s new headquarters in Milan), while in 2009 she installed her piece ORT in occasion of MiArt fair in Milan. The piece is now part of the Panza di Biumo Collection in Varese.

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