Cini&Nils towards a new phase of relaunch in grand style.

The development projects of one of the brands that has made the history of “Made in Italy” design find an outlet thanks to Lombardo, which thus continues its path of growth and development.

Not simply a prestigious acquisition, but a choice of great cultural value and strategic importance for the entire lighting sector. This is the most authentic meaning of the decision, concluded in recent weeks, that led Lombardo to acquire Cini&Nils and to prepare for the relaunch of the brand on the market.

Founded in 1969 by designers Mario Melocchi and Franco Bettonica, Cini&Nils has made quality one of its strong points. Its beginnings saw the proposal of a series of design objects, many of which were acquired by the MoMA in New York, such as the Bar, Table and Desk collections, the Revolving Magazine Holder, the Cubobar and the Game Table. In 1972, from an idea of Franco Bettonica, Cuboluce was born, a link between objects and lighting fixtures and the progenitor of a new generation of products that marked Cini&Nils’ entry into the field of lighting.
Since then, Cini&Nils has distinguished itself over the years as a true ‘creative boutique’ of light, where ideas are skilfully transformed into products that combine technology and essential, rigorous and richly detailed lines, creating a strong combination of Italian creativity and the industrial style typical of Northern European design. A sort of imprinting that the company has never failed to follow.

“This is certainly an important stage in Lombardo’s growth path, as well as an exciting challenge. – explains Italo Belussi, CEO of Lombardo and, today, also of Cini&Nils – We are approaching the relaunch of such a prestigious brand with considerable enthusiasm but also deep respect”.

“We are aware of the heritage of history, quality and design that distinguishes a brand like Cini&Nils and has made it an iconic brand of lighting culture at an international level. – continues Italo Belussi – But we are also proud of Lombardo’s distinctive identity, its mission and the values that have allowed us to be recognised and appreciated by our customers over the years. It is our intention, therefore, that the two brands will continue, each in faithful continuity with their distinct corporate visions, at the production and market level’.

Founded in Villongo (Bergamo) in 1968, Lombardo develops, produces and distributes residential lighting products in the outdoor segment. In particular, the company is considered one of the reference operators within its sector, which sees specialised large-scale distribution as its main distribution channel. In March 2022, the majority share of Lombardo’s capital was acquired by Tungsten Holding S.r.l., an investment vehicle owned by Cronos Capital Partners and co-investors. A large minority share is held by the company’s top managers.


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