Premio Codega


Acqua won the Special Mention at Codega Award, for “the lightness and elegance that make this design product both a work of art and an home design elements".

An award for lighting design

Since 2013, the Codega Award aims to spread the culture of light and the aspects of innovation and quality related to smart lighting. An award that celebrates the highest achievements of lighting design but also the “Human Centric Lighting” approaches for the well-being of people. The award is promoted by Assodel (Federation of Electronics Districts – Italy) with the sponsorship of APIL (Association of Lighting Professionals), AILD (Italian Lighting Designer Association), A-PDI (Asociacion Disenadores de Illuminacion), the Italian Association of Color and IDEA (International Distribution of Electronics Association).

In the 2016 edition, the Codega Award includes two categories: the first one will award the best lighting design project and will be exclusively dedicated to lighting engineers and independent lighting designers; the second one will award the best product or solution and will be dedicated to the most innovative solutions from lighting companies.

Acqua, light as the protagonist

Light, in its most innovative and dynamic dimension, is the absolute protagonist and the award enhances the company Cini&Nils, which takes care not only of the aspects of creativity and design, but above all of research, the adoption of the most advanced technologies, the results of efficiency energy and solutions for the well-being of individuals. Acqua in all respects enters the world of “piece of works”: combining in unlimited modular structural configurations with the ceiling rose, that allows the installation of the lighting bodies even in series, it can be considered a real work of art that decorates environments with elegant and refined lights.

One year after the Miaw first prize Acqua suspended lamp wins another important award in the “Best product” category.

Cini&Nils srl is once again positioned at the top of the Made in Italy design lamps with its technologically advanced solutions which are focused on well-being of the individual.

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