A tiny gem of light and design, between the transparencies of glass and the geometric solidity of architecture.

An exhibition space is a place that is alive: the objects on display converse with each other, with the architectural elements, with the visitors; they build the plot of a story that describes the identity of the subject that displays. The new Cini&Nils showroom is no exception. Produced in Villongo, beside Lombardo’s manufacturing and creative spaces, in a studied proximity that allows familiarity to be intuited, it is destined to house several of the historic brand’s iconic products as well as some new items.

Featuring a solid geometry emphasised by the structural elements of the beams, the space stretches outwards like the prow of a ship taking on a characteristic shape, and is literally flooded with light. Three of the four walls are in fact made of glass and will also be kept in the new installation under construction. In the Cini&Nils showroom, the company’s design creations will be front and centre: the geometric and hypnotic perfection of “Manhattanhenge”, the circles of “Assolo”, the enchantment of “Ognidove” and, of course, the symmetry of “Cuboluce”, will delineate the exhibition space, conversing with a number of iconic products made by the company before devoting itself entirely to lighting design.

To enter the Cini&Nils showroom is to embark on a journey through time and beauty, in the harmony of lines, the creativity of design solutions, inside the genius of the founders and designers whose collections bear their signatures and who have contributed to making the brand one of the best known and most authoritative Made in Italy brands.


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