Formala plus

FormaLa plus, a ribbon of light made of harmonic steel that can be positioned in an infinite variety of configurations: straight or curved lines, symmetric and asymmetric, open or closed, FormaLa plus is a wall and ceiling lamp for interiors with direct or indirect lighting that can be dimmed using traditional controls or voice commands. Available in four lengths, two colours and with a remote power supply, it can also come with a diffusor accessory, comprising a thin sheet of silver screen-printed opalescent polycarbonate to cove the led sources and soften the light. The FormaLa family of luminaires is protected by a patent.


Luta Bettonica

Led integrated

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Technical sheet

FormaLa plus1 FormaLa plus2 FormaLa plus3 FormaLa plus4

Satined steel / white
Satined steel / black

MaterialsSteel, technopolymers

Diffused and indirect light


FormaLa plus1
Led strip 24W / 2.200 lm / 2.700K / CRI90
FormaLa plus2:
Led strip 2x24W / 2×2.200 lm / 2.700K / CRI90
FormaLa plus3:
Led strip 3x24W / 3×2.200 lm / 2.700K / CRI90
FormaLa plus4:
Led strip 4x24W / 4×2.200 lm / 2.700K / CRI90

Dimmable Dimmable
dali dali
Design Luta Bettonica, 2013

W1605 FormaLa plus1 – white – 2700K
W1615 FormaLa plus1 – black – 2700K
W1606 FormaLa plus2 – white – 2700K
W1616 FormaLa plus2 – black – 2700K
W1607 FormaLa plus3 – white – 2700K
W1617 FormaLa plus3 – nero – 2700K
W1608 FormaLa plus4 – bianco – 2700K
W1618 FormaLa plus4 – nero – 2700K

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Technical sheet
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Template 01 FormaLa plus1
Template 02 FormaLa plus1
Template 03 FormaLa plus1
Template 04 FormaLa plus1
Template 05 FormaLa plus1
Template 06 FormaLa plus1
Template 07 FormaLa plus1
Template 08 FormaLa plus1
Template 09 FormaLa plus2
Template 10 FormaLa plus2
Template 11 FormaLa plus2
Template 12 FormaLa plus2
Template 13 FormaLa plus2
Template 14 FormaLa plus2
Template 15 FormaLa plus2
Template 16 FormaLa plus2
Template 17 FormaLa plus2
Template 18 FormaLa plus2 / FormaLa plus2 loop
Template 19 FormaLa plus2 / FormaLa plus3
Template 20 FormaLa plus2 loop / FormaLa plus4
Template 21 FormaLa plus3
Template 22 FormaLa plus3
Template 23 FormaLa plus3
Template 24 FormaLa plus3
Template 25 FormaLa plus3 / FormaLa plus4
Template 26 FormaLa plus4
Tenmplate 27 FormaLa plus4
Template 28 FormaLa plus4
Template 29 FormaLa plus4
Template 30 FormaLa plus4
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