An indoor led or halo wall lamp with dimmer, Gradimini parete features a small arc made of chromed steel or brushed nickel and a cylinder made of borosilicate glass treated with special enamels that fulfils the various functions of reflector, anti-glare screen and bulb protection in just one element. Available in a cross-hatched (retinato) version for indirect light, opalescent for indirect and diffused light and full opalescent (tuttopalescente) for diffused light.

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Franco Bettonica, Mario Melocchi

Led integrated, Halo

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Technical sheet

gradiminiparete LED gradiminiparete

Satin nickel-plated

MaterialsSteel, zama, borosilicate glass

Retinato: indirect light
Opalescente: indirect and diffused light
Tuttopalescente: diffused light


Led 2x6W / 2×750 lm / 2.700K / CRI80
Halo R7s / HDG114,2 / 120W / 230V / 2.450 lm
Bulb included

phase cut dimmable phase cut dimmable
Phase-cut (only Gradimini led compatible with remote Bluetooth Casambi)
Integrated electronic ballast
Design Franco Bettonica, Mario Melocchi, 1990-2016

516 Chrome / Retinato – Halo
Chrome / Retinato – Led
586 Satin nickel-plated / Retinato – Halo
586L Satin nickel-plated / Retinato – Led
527 Chrome / Opalescente – Halo
527L Chrome / Opalescente – Led
587 Satin nickel-plated / Opalescente – Halo
587L Satin nickel-plated / Opalescente – Led
581 Chrome / Tuttopalescente – Halo
581L Chrome / Tuttopalescente – Led
588 Satin nickel-plated / Tuttopalescente – Halo
588L Satin nickel-plated / Tuttopalescente – Led

Download Technical sheet Gradimini
Technical sheet Gradimini led
How to install Gradimini
How to install Gradimini led
Energy Label Gradimini
Energy Label Gradimini led
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2D / 3D Drawings Gradimini led
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