Wireless atmospheric lighting with a touch dimmer, intended for indoor or outdoor use, for relaxing or reading .Ognidove is available as a tabletop or a standard lamp version. The lamp can also be customised by combining the elements with gold, silver or matt black finishes to suit your taste, each of which can be bought separately. The base is made of iron, the lamp and the vase of aluminium and the diffusor of transparent methacrylate whose surface has been subjected to a fine opaque treatment. The composition’s versatility is designed to suit any convivial occasion and when completed with dried flowers make it into a tasteful element of décor. Ognidove is wireless and can be put wherever you like (as the name implies in Italian: Everywhere), both indoors and outdoors.


Ognidove wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020 in the Lighting category for its unique concept and design.

Designer: ,

Luta Bettonica, Giancarlo Leone

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