Euroluce 2017


Cini&Nils participate in Euroluce 2017, the International Exhibition for Lighting that every two years lights up the stage of the Salone del Mobile.

Cini&Nils participate in Euroluce

Born in 1976, the international Exhibition of Lighting represents the benchmark in the Italian sector and the most important in the world: a 360° panorama of lighting system, ranging from outdoor and indoor lighting design, industrial lighting devices, entertainment and events to lighting systems and sources.

Cini&Nils presents at Euroluce 2017 the new collections characterized by essential and rigorous lines, rich in  detail.

Designed by Luta Bettonica, president and artistic director of Cini&Nils, all the lamps presented are versatile products which can be installed in countless settings.
Materials used for these products are primarily metals, such as steel, aluminium and brass, which are polished, treated and processed to highlight the value of each material’s intrinsic properties. New finishes, such as matt gold, matt silver and absolute black, enrich existing collections, Acqua, Assolo and Cuboluce, by giving them an extra touch of chic glamour.

New products

Incontro is a wall and ceiling lamp that provides indirect and reflected light for interiors. The lamp features two lacquered metal tabs that splay outwards in parallel and come to meet at their slim extremities.
The LED light source directed towards the reflecting surface is never visible and enables the lamp to be installed at any height and pointing in any direction. Incontro comes in white, matt gold and matt silver and in versions with an on/off and dimmer switch.
Incontro is well suited to creating ambient lighting, perfect in its on/off function and recommended paired with a dimmer when necessary, such as when it is installed next to the bed and with the reflector pointing downwards.
The lamp’s square footprint and asymmetric development enable it to be installed on wall or ceiling in several different and interesting ways. The lamp can also be set in double configurations, pointing the light both inwards or outwards.

Passepartout is a family of indoor, wall, ceiling and floor lamps, very usable, with a linear design and high performance, dimmable for indirect lighting. Available in four finishes: chrome, gold, black and matt white.
The floor version, presented in this edition of Euroluce, is characterized by two rings (matt finish for black and white, and glossy finish for chrome and gold), paired and linked to the rectangular cross-section upright by a simple aluminium structure (diamond-finished for chrome, black and white version, matt enamelled brass for brass version).
The upright houses the dimmer with a proximity sensor that is triggered when a hand is moved a few centimetres from it: a short wave is all it takes to switch the lamp on or off, while the light is dimmed when the hand stays still. Thanks to the wide choice of its finishes, Passepartout, in all its versions, can be perfectly placed in any kind of environment and satisfy all kinds of needs.

High performance technical product, ideal for large spaces with particularly high ceilings, TensoStilo is a LED TensoApparecchio cable-mounted fitting that takes 230V mains voltage, needs no supply unit and comprises a dual emission lighting body for combined direct and indirect diffused lighting.
Uncluttered and linear in its form, it is well suited to contract interiors. The structure comes in a choice of white or silver finishes, with opalescent methacrylate diffusors.
This luminaire is fitted with TensoClic, the patented insulation-piercing connector.

Minitensosferico, a technical product ideal for small and medium sized interiors that need focused or diffused lighting, where you can perceive elegance and attention to detail of a product that is still technical.
A 230V cable-mounted led miniTensoLuminaire, with twin emission for direct and indirect light . Available in an on/off version and with a dimmer fitting.
The illuminating body is in white or silver finish, and is equipped with transparent polycarbonate or opalescent polycarbonate caps.
This luminaire is fitted with TensoClic, the patented insulation-piercing connector.

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