Evento Light The People


In Dilmos Milano, Cini&Nils displays the photographic project Light The People, focused on Cuboluce.

The Light The People project

The project Light The People was born from an idea by Cini&Nils: to capture in black and white shots spontaneous relationships between people and their iconic lamp Cuboluce.

Cuboluce was designed by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi in 1972 and it is equipped with a really innovative mechanism for that time: when you open the lid, the light goes on, when you close it, the light goes off, allowing to bend the rays of light according to your needs. This product that holds values like quality, technique and innovation, became during the years an iconic and timeless object.

The characters called to interact with the lamp are all from different areas of creative disciplines including design journalists, artists, designers, personalities of the music world, directors, design professors and artistic directors.

The photographer in charge of the shots is Federico Villa. In 2010 he opens his own studio and he starts to work with big Italian design companies and with important architecture ateliers. His work begins with a designer approach that combines the quality of the product, of the space and of the person in the photographic image: project and subject become a single continuous path.
Simultaneously the work of this photographer focuses on photography like language to archive the contemporary times, with a critic interpretation of the relationship between natural and artificial. His photos have been published on Italian and international magazines like Domus, Interni, Repubblica, Abitare, Studio. His works have been displayed at Miart, Triennale di Milano, Dilmos, Spazio Fmg, Subalterno 1.

The Light The People event

Cini&nils has made public to the world the project Light The People with a cultural event at Dilmos Milano, born in 1980 and a reference point for contemporary design.

During the event the new matt gold finish of Cuboluce was also presented, that enriches the various finishes already in the catalog. The cube’s perfect geometry meets the timeless elegance of matt gold.

The interior project to frame the event was by Sergio Riva.

During the exhibition most of the characters who participated in the project were present to answer the questions and to lend again their image in support of the event.


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