Cuboluce Edizione speciale 2020 | Cuboluce Special edition 2020


Cini&Nils has created a Special Edition of the iconic Cuboluce Classic lamp and the proceeds of its sales will be donated to the Covid-19 emergency funds.

Cini&Nils has created a Special Edition of the iconic Cuboluce Classic lamp and 30% of the retail price of every lamp will be donated to the funds set up for the Covid-19 emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Region of Lombardy.


This decision derives from 2020, a year with unexpected implications that has given us the chance to discover the strength, positivity and sense of humanity that arise in difficult times. The new look of Cuboluce 2020 was created to create positive energy and use it to consciously plan the future. All together.

There are 3 new graphic elements that characterize the special edition. 2020, which identifies the context, in memory of the sacrifices we are all making and the future redemption of the community. The rainbow, just as a child could draw, which together with the slogan “everything will be fine” has become the symbol of these months. A coloured sign made up of a multitude of hashtags, which express best the messages of solidarity that come from social networks. Finally, the phrase “Designing the future is everyone responsibility”, which represents the solid belief that designing is an important responsibility.

Immagine singola in basso

A real support

This Special Edition will be sold at the price of €100, including tax, and authorised retailers will be partnering with Cini&Nils, to donate 30% of the proceeds from the sale of individual pieces to the funds allocated by the WHO and the Lombardy Region to deal with the virus.

The strong social imprint of the project expresses the company’s desire to contribute concretely to the cause of the healthcare personnel who, with self-denial and sacrifice, are fighting the battle against Covid-19 on the front line.

In its new release, Cuboluce will become not only a precious object that enriches our homes, but also a warning to look ahead, to assume a shared responsibility towards a common future.

Cuboluce 2020 lato sinistro
Cuboluce 2020 centro
Cuboluce 2020 lato destro

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